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Photo Courtesy of AGS

2016 was overall a good year for TRCS sports. Both the high school boys and girls soccer teams had much improved seasons with both making it to the playoffs for a third consecutive season. As for basketball, while the girls teams soared from not having a team at all last year to winning the majority of their games, knocking off an undefeated team in the playoffs and finishing second in their division championship game, the boys team suffered a few blows in terms of efficiency but had a few bright spots throughout their quest for a PSAL championship. The middle school girls basketball team finally broke through and won the Queens championship by beating an undefeated team to capture the elusive title. The 6th grade boys basketball team had a much improved season with the addition of a few players to the roster but narrowly missed the playoffs by a mere few points in their final game. High school softball finished in the exact same spot as last year despite losing key players throughout the strenuous season which shows consistency and courage. The JHS Co-Ed Soccer  Team mainly consisted of 5&6th graders,  shown steps toward a bright future.  Finally, the last sport to finish, the 6th grade basketball team won their second consecutive title while only losing 1 out of the last 16 games they have played dating back to last year. With all of that being said, while it may seem that the girls teams coasted and the boys teams faltered, things are looking up for TRCS sports.